50th anniversary of Angola massacre and war beginning in Portuguese ‘ultramar’

On the morning of March 15, 1961, some fifty places over a 400-mile front were attacked as part of a plan carefully prepared by the communist-backed terrorist “liberation movement” in Angola, then a Portuguese province. The terrorists, primed with drugs, alcohol and native witchcraft, butchered over 200 Europeans and some 800 Africans. Women and children were raped, cut up and mutilated. Unborn children were cut out of the wombs of their still living mothers. A young girl of 18 was crucified on a tree and her breasts cut off while she was still alive. An Italian priest, Father Graziani and his assistant Tiburcio, were tied to stakes and bestially tortured for two days before being killed. In the town of Quitexe the men were castrated and killed, and most children had their eyes gouged out and died most likely from the resultant hemorrhages. In Luvro the owner of the local saw mill, his wife, two small sons and several others were tied to planks of wood and sawed in half lengthwise while possibly still alive. These are only some examples among many; the photographs of the corpses of the victims were stomach-turning (Portuguese-American Committee on Foreign Affairs pamphlet). The American news media reported this event minimally if at all; at the time they vociferously promoted the “liberation” of European colonies like Angola.

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